Wholesome Banana Bread

My new favourite banana bread recipe that I now make every week! Its packed full of healthy fats, protein & fibre, which makes it a perfectly substantial breakfast & even better when topped with almond butter & fresh banana slices. #Glutenfree #DairyFree #Healthybaking I've finally got my act together & I'm sharing one of my most loved recipes. As I write this it is the perfect day for enjoying banana bread too. An early morning storm, lots of rain on the roof & just a glimme

Coconut dhal with roasted broccolini & spicy eggplant

#vegan #dairyfree #glutenfree #indian India was the place where my plant based journey started & it is always the food I come back to for an easy, delicious, comforting & truly nourishing meal. This dhal recipe is based on the many I ate in Southern India & I have added my own spin with the roast veggies on top. I prefer to serve dhal this way otherwise I find it can be to filling with rice. Instead of the roast veggies a quick little Indian style salsa on top is great too &