Wholesome Banana Bread

My new favourite banana bread recipe that I now make every week! Its packed full of healthy fats, protein & fibre, which makes it a perfectly substantial breakfast & even better when topped with almond butter & fresh banana slices. #Glutenfree #DairyFree #Healthybaking I've finally got my act together & I'm sharing one of my most loved recipes. As I write this it is the perfect day for enjoying banana bread too. An early morning storm, lots of rain on the roof & just a glimme

Coconut dhal with roasted broccolini & spicy eggplant

#vegan #dairyfree #glutenfree #indian India was the place where my plant based journey started & it is always the food I come back to for an easy, delicious, comforting & truly nourishing meal. This dhal recipe is based on the many I ate in Southern India & I have added my own spin with the roast veggies on top. I prefer to serve dhal this way otherwise I find it can be to filling with rice. Instead of the roast veggies a quick little Indian style salsa on top is great too &

Cheezy Pasta

#VEGAN #GLUTENFREE #PLANTBASED Get ready to dive into a bowl of creamy goodness! Quick to make, so you can spend more time relaxing on the couch with your fav show tonight! I have seen more recipes for vegan mac & cheese than I would like to admit but when I have gone to make my own it has always been a little bit of this recipe & a little bit of that recipe. So here I am sharing my recipe for a creamy, garlicky, nourishing pasta just how I like it. Vegan mac & cheeze Serves

Hemp & cacao bliss balls

The perfect protein packed snack. I love these as a morning pick me up or to take in my lunch as an afternoon sweet treat. #vegan #plantbased #healthytreat #healthysnack These bliss balls also happen to be nut free which makes them the perfect little treat to pop into kids lunch boxes. With back to school just around the corner here in Australia I am sure many of you are looking for ideas to fill up your kids lunch boxes with. You could make a batch this week & store them in

Grilled peach, halloumi & quinoa salad

Summer in a salad! #GLUTENFREE #VEGETARIAN A perfect quick, easy & fresh salad for those balmy summer nights. I love grilling peaches to enhance their sweetness while also giving them some perfect little charred lines. The richness of the peaches & halloumi works so well with all the fresh herbs & crisp lettuce leaves. We eat this salad as is as a light dinner but it would work just as well as a side to take to a BBQ. You could also add some tinned chickpeas to boost the prot

Raw cashew & honey cake with fresh summer fruit

The creamy cake filling is scented with vanilla beans and raw local honey which adds not only sweetness but floral fragrances making it the perfect backdrop for whatever seasonal fruit you have on hand. I have chosen figs and passionfruit as our garden is bursting with them both at this time. Plus, the sweetness from the figs and tang from the passionfruit work beautifully together. I would also say mango and raspberries would be a delicious topping. Strawberries, kiwifruit,

Coconut kefir waffles

Grain free, dairy free, naturally sweetened, gluten free These waffles are ridiculously good. Every time I make them I am amazed how so few ingredients can come together to create a golden, crispy on the outside & fluffy on the inside waffle. Buckwheat is a seed & funnily enough not at all related to wheat. Its high fibre & protein content, containing all essential amino acids, make it a great choice for breakfast. Buckwheat is classified as a pseudo-grain as it can be used l